Hotel X Design Showcase

Dressing A Showcase in Stone

Materiality plays a big role in the functionality, sustainability, and aesthetic of public and private spaces for home, culture, and play. Designing a Coverings’16 Showcase was an opportunity to play with material goods, disrupt the norm, and highlight stone products to reflect a sense of place and playful spirit in a boutique hotel lobby.

A time-honored herringbone pattern takes advantage of porcelain super-sized planks to create lived-in luxury. At Hotel X, using large-scaled products differentiates surfaces, shelves, and seating, cladding the lobby space in an aesthetic to write home about. It is an evocative, welcoming foyer in which impromptu, planned, serendipitous, and fun happens and where guests feel at home. Infusing the porcelain palette with color, contrast, and curiosity, warm honey and red wood tones were juxtaposed against bright-white concrete. Digitally-printed porcelain American flags proudly add spirit and another layer of iconic pattern into the design mix. Using porcelain as the singular material built a continuous “social fabric”; one that helps stitch an open environment together.

While the showcase encapsulates a full project scope, executing it within a compressed timeline required efficient decision-making with the installation team and let us play with pattern, use responsible products including green backer board, and tackle technical details; all on show for attendees to observe as the vignette quickly took shape.

 The intimate 200 SF lobby was outfitted with symbolic objects, curated to express comfort, convenience, and curiosity: a brass hotel bell, invitational guest book, gold arrows shot into bourbon bottles, and a burnt pine Jenga® set. Fur throws and the interactive sparkle of sequin pillows soften bench seating, creating an oasis of connectedness. Using porcelain to express personality, Hotel X is an original, a lobby that blends form and function and fosters social engagement through an on-target selection of playful elements.

Great public spaces are those you claim as your own, where guests can be rebellious or not, creative or calm. They are always a destination. Designing with stone supported Hotel X’s vibe and vice, while shaping an aesthetic that says, “this is for YOU. Come. Stay. Play. Return. Often”.

Owner:  Coverings’16 & National Trade Productions
Interior Architecture, Branded Experience, and Public Space Design:  Architecture Is Fun, Inc.
Prop, Play & Décor:  Fun Finders
Installation:  Grazzini Brothers
  Chicago, IL  (Prototypical)
Status:  Completed 2016.
Photography:  Sharon Exley and Courtesy of Coverings’16.

Catch Sharon and Peter discussing Coverings and all things porcelain and herringbone. They’ll be on in a second…