Engineering Kids: DuPage Children’s Museum

Constructing STEM-based Play
The Engineering Kids exhibit gallery is designed to provide room for children to build their own experiences. These hands-on exhibit zones encourage visitors of all ages to use real tools safely and successfully, helping children develop gross and fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. By working with real materials and construction equipment, Engineering Kids instills a sense of responsibility and privilege. Children become architect, inventor, scientist and engineer in this innovative exhibit where the focus is on building your own knowledge.

At Build It, the construction house, children are thrilled to use the grown-up tools. They learn to respect the use of real nails, hammers, and saws, donning safety goggles and following the rules of behavior. The interior of the construction house is purposely left under construction to further a child’s understanding and exploration of building materials. A loft-like space allows children to finish off the roofing, to be up in the ductwork, and to experience a different viewpoint. Attached to the construction house are large pipes, PVC tubes with connectors that children use to build. Creating their structural dreams, kids shape forts, tents, and mazes to run through.

Awards:  Best Chicago Museum Award, Nickelodeon Parents Picks, 2010.
Distinguished Building Award, American Institute of Architects, Chicago, 2003. DuPage Children’s Museum conveys a strong message of value and vitality.
Best Museum of the Western Suburbs Award
, West Suburban Living Magazine, 2002.

:  DuPage Children’s Museum
Interior Architecture & Exhibit Design
:  Architecture Is Fun, Inc.
Location:  Naperville/Illinois
:  Completed 2002
:  © Doug Snower Photography