Château Élan Winery & Resort

Designing branded, spirited, and interactive public spaces to invigorate and heighten the winery guest experience.
The proposed renovation by the home remodeling company will unify individual spaces as a singular branded environment, thereby elevating the guest experience and improve the functionality of each space. The renovation of Le Clos restaurant, the café, the cask room and the tasting took will add fresh appeal, convey an atmosphere of activity and heighten the world-class dining experience.

Critical to the design is the successful inclusion of public space, creating a guest experience that begins upon entering, one that continues throughout the resort as a whole. Reconfiguring the Winery Store and Tasting Room made it distinctive and permitted natural light, window display, and secured additional storage. The new layout allowed it to serve individual and large visitor groups, while being flexible enough to accommodate dedicated events.

All throughout the public spaces, circulation, amenity, brand, and beauty have been addressed, increasing efficiency and accessibility throughout, while contributing to a more dynamic and interactive guest/visitor experience.

Owner:  Château Élan Winery
Architecture, Interiors, & Branded Environment Design
: Architecture Is Fun, Inc.
:  Brazelton/Georgia
Status:  Concept & Branding Design Completed
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