Kansas Children’s Discovery Center

The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center’s 15000 SF building is nestled within the wooded acreage of Topeka’s Gage Park, which encourages interaction indoors and out-of-doors. The energy-efficient and educationally sound museum creates a positive learning and play environment, where children take the lead in making their own discoveries.

The Wizard of Oz-like rainbow of environments were created in sync with state learning goals, encouraging critical and creative thinking and doing, yet are serious FUN. Each adventure takes its cue from Kansas and its region, from exploring farming at the Interactive Grain Pit Machine to the hands-on engineering and science explored in Building reinforcing learning goals via a composition of discoveries. The galleries, which include art and science, toddler zones, and a sunflower climber present opportunities for children to find ways to express themselves. For example, the art zone highlights an expressionist quality with glass painting walls and large magnet graphics. Each exhibit has a strong narrative, a story that is voiced through scale, color, texture, lighting and graphics.

Owner:  Kansas Children’s Discovery Center
Exhibit Design
:  Architecture Is Fun, Inc.
Exhibit Developer:  Mary Sinker
:  Topeka/Kansas
:  Completed 2011
:  © Architecture Is Fun