kidscommons: The Columbus Community Children’s Museum

kidscommons is a celebration and exploration of culture and diversity and a place for lifelong learning.
~ Cheryl Buffo, Executive Director

Assembling Community-Based Learning & Play
Architecture Is Fun led a collaborative design process to envision the pilot children’s museum within the renowned Columbus, Indiana shopping center, the Commons.

The project is a stellar example of how our participatory process strategically incorporated in-kind community support, from the fabrication of exhibits components to the contribution of resources, materials, and management. The design anticipated, integrated, and matched local resources, finding builders, fabricators, and individuals who helped reduce the $300,000 construction cost to a more feasible cost the community could afford to sustain. Architecture Is Fun’s expertise with marketing and communicating the branded experience brought quantifiable value to the project.

Within kidscommons, children explore materials produced right in the Columbus community, creating their own buildings and inventions, and collaborating to solve problems. The materials handling center is an interactive opportunity to explore the innovative side of manufacturing. Young museum visitors will learn how machinery works and will role-play occupations prevalent in local industry. kidscommons celebrates its artistic and innovative-rich community, its people, and its long-history of productivity and engineering prowess.

Accessibility Award
. State of Indiana, 1998.
Recognition of the project’s unique safety and accessibility considerations for all visitors.

Owner:  The Columbus Community Children’s Museum
Interior Architecture & Exhibit Design:  
Architecture Is Fun, Inc.
Master Plan & Exhibit Design:  
Chermayeff & Geismar
:  Columbus/Indiana
:  Completed 1998
:  © Doug Snower Photography