Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum

Kids here have been through so much, parents losing jobs and homes, factories and schools closing, that a vibrant, exciting, entertaining and educational place just for them took on greater urgency. Community leaders had long believed that the region needed more positive, interactive activities for young families as a way of improving the area’s quality of life and making it more attractive to people and businesses looking to relocate. A compelling museum in the heart of the city helped achieve that goal.
~ Angela Barris, Museum President & CEO

Reflecting Local Communities
The Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum is a community connector; it brings together the families of Saginaw, Bay City, and Midland in an imaginative, respectful world. Visitors driving by catch a glimpse of the interactivity housed within; the large storefront window is a place of play and wonder. This adds texture and depth to the renovated building; elements such as the walk-in window and the outdoor car painting activity highlight the museum’s mission. This is clearly a hands-on destination that nurtures learning through play.

The action begins right at the entry, with integrated exhibits that move visitors through the public parts of the building. Immersive environments fill 18,000 SF of exhibit space with discovery and wonder. The impetus for many of the exhibits came directly from those invested in the museum:  children, staff, educators, and community advisors, all of whom helped create galleries such as Try It, Night ‘n Day and Connections, which foster curiosity, creativity and caring.

The smiles on the faces of the children say “you got it right!”
~ Sam Maisano, Board Member

This was awesome – bet ya it was the best day of my life!
~ Samantha, Museum Visitor, Age 7

Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum: Designed to Last & Designed to Create a Lasting Impression from Sharon Exley on Vimeo.

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Awards:  Color in Design Award, 1st Place, Print and HOW, 2011.
Award given for exceptional use of color as an agent for expressing community and revitalization.

  Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum
Interior Architecture, Exhibit Design & Master Plan:  
Architecture Is Fun, Inc.
:  Completed 2009. Sustainability and Solar Energy Envisioning Completed 2011.  Serving 35,000 visitors per year since opening day.
Photography:  © Doug Snower Photography