Pear Design Office Suite

Designers themselves, our colleagues at Pear Design Graphics demanded that their environment be expressive, a reflection of their design attitude and philosophy.

With an imminent move only a few weeks off; the new 1350SF studio required a straightforward economical approach to both budget and schedule. By focusing on the essentials, extravagances of time, space and materials were eliminated. In this way, economy informed design, streamlining it, not inhibiting it.

An early envisioning session began with a big “hello”, welcoming thoughts that appeared on an early sketch. These words instantly took hold as a graphic, dynamic concept. When visitors enter the suite, a “hello” wall graphic greets them and upon departure, the walls say “good-bye”. Young children hand-painted the table and chairs that grace the entry hall, giving it a warm and familiar feel. The vivid color palette, applied through straightforward paint finishes, expresses an electric identity for the studio, which was also translated into collateral materials, from letterhead to brochures.

Owner:  Pear Design
Interior Architecture
:  Architecture Is Fun, Inc.
Location:  Chicago/Illinois
:  Completed 2000
 © Doug Snower Photography