TurnPoint Apostolic Church

In the beginning, there was Bible Boulevard. Designed as a family thoroughfare and functioning as a spine, it is the first stop for families entering TurnPoint Apostolic Church’s exhilarating 11,000 SF children’s ministry. Covered with very big words, In the Beginning provides dramatic imagery while highlighting scripture. Prayer and Play Telephones provide interactive elements and snippets of Biblical tales and seasonal messages.

The Promised Land Play Stage is a variant of a passion play, public space, and a playground. The numerous façades include a semblance of the stable or tented canopy. A play zone with climbing wall presents a body and spirit challenge. Mats fold and lock into place, turning public space into a flexible stage, where the tower is reminiscent of Mt. Sinai or the Tower of Babel. Student stage hands are Promised Land “carpenters”, working together to create the passion and performance critical to church teachings. Children meandering across The Heavenly Hangout, a curved canopy, gain a bird’s eye perspective on action below. Classrooms lining Bible Boulevard take imagery and impetus from a biblical story, concept, or figure. The thresholds contain iconic elements, from a cutout of Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors to Noah’s Ark with animals marching two by two.

An expanded, invigorated children’s ministry could be welcome relief in a region where 16% of families living below the poverty line, 56% of families live on less than $40,000 a year for a family of four and many have lost factory jobs. However, funding for the project was not secured, as local banks ignored the successes of visionary children’s ministries, from increased attendance to fostering a sense of community and spiritual well-being. For now, this center remains a promised land.

Owner:  Turnpoint Apostolic Church
Interior Architecture, Exhibit Design & Interactive Design
:  Architecture Is Fun, Inc.
:  Groveport/Ohio
:  Completed 2005 Phase One
:  © Architecture Is Fun, Inc.