Playing with Laminate Design

Wilsonart X Me

Hot off the press!  Sharon Exley’s touting one of Architecture Is Fun’s favorite products, Wilsonart custom laminates, in full page ads found in Contract Magazine, Design: Retail, Metropolis Magazine and Hospitality Design magazine!

Sharon shows off the Fountaindale Public Library with its World Park chess/checker tabletop alongside Architecture Is Fun’s super cute “Born in Brooklyn Stools” featuring faces from around the globe (including our very own Emma)!  FYI on our furniture collections:  Contact our sister firm, Fun Finders, for info on procuring and customizing our stools, stage, puppet theatre, and more for your projects.

Laminate really is one of the “heroic” materials that we like to use, economical, sustainable, durable and customizable. Architecture Is Fun loves playing with it. Laminate is a blank slate for us – and when we work with it, we can tell a story, spin a yarn, and add content and beauty!

Hey – Wilsonart – watch out for our newest ideas! Let’s make some play happen!

Take a peek at Sharon’s Wilsonart X Me spread from Contract Magazine (p. 7)

Hospitality Design Magazine (p. 19)

And super big thanks to our friends at the Fountaindale Public Library for letting us show you off.
You look good in print, too!