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    Field Museum Public Space Study

    By embedding research into a subtractive design approach, Architecture Is Fun demonstrates how a calmer, more accessible entry into the Field Museum enhances visitor experience, enables orientation, and re-configures the great hall to be open and free for more than 20,000 visitors per day.

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    Educative Design®

    For over twenty-five years in practice, Architecture Is Fun’s goal has been to achieve a dynamic architecture through leadership in educative design®. This educative design® ideology – design that educates as well as design that is fundamentally educated – is fulfilled through its participatory nature. Design educates by creating spaces for interactive play, learning, and self-discovery. Children and adults gain knowledge about themselves and the world around them in creative and innovative ways. Design is educated through interactions with the user constituents during the planning and prototyping process. Collaboration sessions held with local community members and creative sessions held with families help to educate the Architecture Is Fun design team…

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