GreenSCAPES Environmental Education

Through art, children and families can make informed choices that help care and shape our earth.
~ Sharon Exley

GreenSCAPES:  Where Informed Choices Shape the Earth
Within Young At Art Museum’s landscape, the GreenSCAPES gallery, STEAM-based workshops and party room focus on arts-based environmental education. Calling attention to nature’s fragility and how to live lightly on our earth, GreenSCAPES is filled with art-making and responsible decision-making experiences. In hands-on ways, young artists create their own caring relationship with the environment that surrounds them.

Moving through the Gabion Portal Entry, children delve right into environmental issues by comparing the lifestyles of two local families: the Green Family and the Waste-A-Lot’s in hands-on ways. The SandSCAPES gallery draws its inspiration from notable Land and Earthwork artists of the 1960’s and 70’s. Children discover that nature can be our canvas by shaping, sifting, and sculpting natural materials into forms for creative expression.

Created from British street performances, STOMP has no words and no boundaries; it’s the energy of music, theater, dance, and personalities. Inspired by the award-winning touring ensemble, Young At Art’s STOMP SoundSPACE sets the stage for finger-snapping, hand-clapping, knee-slapping, toe-tapping music, movement, and magic. Kids and parents will STOMP out loud! Making music and finding their own rhythms, visitors will choreograph and orchestrate their own performances with family and friends. Grabbing discarded objects, buckets, brooms, and bins; drum, thwack and clink, visitors will find the beat! When children make something beautiful out of ordinary objects, they feel and hear the power of art!

Awards & Recognitions:
First Place Award – Contract Project Small Firm, ASID Design Excellence Awards, 2014,
[STEAM Recycled Workshop and Grotto].
An artful collaboration with artist Pablo Cano and filmmaker Clifton Childree.
Best Picks for the Field’s Finest, American Alliance of Museums, 2012.

Owner:  Young At Art Museum
Interior Architecture, Public Space & Exhibit
Design:  Architecture Is Fun, Inc.
Curated Art, Furnishings, & Sourcing of Designed-Objects:  Fun Finders
Pablo Cano
Filmmaker: Clifton Childree
Location:  Davie/Florida
Status:  Completed 2012
Photography: © Doug Snower Photography & Emma Exley

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